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DC (Direct current) arc furnaces (DCAF)

A long experience in operating of AC current steel-making furnaces in combination with DC converter resulted in the technical characteristic of widely used DC arc furnaces.

They are correctly sized for the required throughput because of using the same refractory materials, shell and furnace roof arch; furnace lifting, tilting, roof slew control; iron bearing system and technology of metal casting.

DCAF used in foundries for producing products from:

  • various kinds of steel grades
  • cast iron (including synthetic iron and Fe-C-Al cast iron)
  • aluminum and its alloys (including slags containing 30­–45% Al, up to 98% Al escape from the slags)
  • copper and its alloys, copper wastes (up to 100% shaves in the blast-furnace mixture)
  • various ferroalloys, including ferrotitanium, ferrochromium, ferrovanadium, low-carbon ferromanganese, silicocalcium, calcium carbide and slag wastes after producing ferroalloys on the standard furnaces.

Advantages of DСAF:

  • environment friendly system with lower dust load
  • high output value (time of melting 15-35 minutes)
  • energy and resource saving (specific power consumption 360-880 kWh / t.)
  • improving factory working conditions and safety
  • high-quality melted metals and alloys
  • reduce the gas contentof alloys (up to 80%)
  • ability to melt high percentage ofblast-furnace mixture (from 20% to 130% of the nominal capacity of the furnace)
  • DC mode of operation ensures high arc stability, eliminates disturbances in Power System


DCAF for steel and cast iron with one arc electrode and one bottom electrode

Technical features The universal laboratory arc furnace – 0,06 The universal laboratory arc furnace – 0,25 DCAF – 0,4 DCAF – 1 DCAF – 1,5 DCAF – 3
Furnace capacity (on steel, cast iron)
60 250 400 1000 1500 3000
Transformer capability
80–160 240–450 450–750 1250–1600 1600–2000 3000
Source voltage
380 380 380, 6000, 10000 6000, 10000 6000, 10000 6000, 10000
The diameter of graphite arc electrode [mm] 100 150 150 200 200 250
Time of melting hard steel dump (nominal melting stock), [hour] 0,5–0,6 0,55–0,65 0,55–0,65 0,55–0,65 1–1,1 1–1,1
Furnace mechanisms drive mechanical/ hydraulic mechanical/ hydraulic  mechanical/ hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic Hydraulic
Cooling rectifier system in rack water cooling water cooling water cooling water cooling water cooling water cooling


DCAF with two arc electrodes

The furnace can operate in the arc mode and in slag heating mode (slag remelting); it’s also effective in processing of catalysts and slags containing precious metals.


DCAF with two arc electrodes and one bottom electrode

The furnace can operate without the bottom electrode, the same way as furnace with two arc electrodes: in two arcs mode, when each of the arc electrodes forms own arc which is working on a bottom electrode. It is possible to control the power of each of the arcs, in the arc change mode.


Furnaces with electroslag remelting process

The capacity of our furnaces with electroslag remelting process is up to 250 kg.

Furnace feeding is provided by the transformer-rectifier unit with capacity of 160 or 250 kVA. The furnace is connected to a 3-phase supply network with the voltage of 380V.

The average speed of melting in such furnace is 1 kg per minute (for steel shavings).


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