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Gas or oil fired crucible furnaces

Gas or oil fired crucible furnaces

Crucible melting is commonly used to produce small and medium-sized castings in foundries and maintenance sheds .

Our furnaces are used for melting non-ferrous metals and their alloys. They are also  suitable for molten metals storing.

Advantages of using crucible furnaces:

  • for operating with another kind of alloys you just need to change crucible
  • produce high-quality metals by using ceramic crucibles (during melting liquid doesn’t contact with the gases and oxidation)
  • are more efficient for refining and degassing processes
  • are convenient as holding furnaces for gravity die casting and high-pressure die casting
  • low shell temperature
  • high-speed crucible heating (quick melting process – 400 kg per hour (electric heating furnaces – 250 kg per hour))
  • no need to conduct electrical power
  • gas burners can reduce energy expenses (if to compare with electric heating) more than 3 times

Our company produces crucible furnaces with the capacity:

  • for aluminum and aluminum alloys – 0,04 tons; 0,06 tons; 0.1 tons; 0,16 tons; 0,25 tons; 0,45 tons; 0,5 tons; 0,75 tons; 1 ton; 2 tons;
  • for copper and its alloys – 0,1 tons; 0,25 tons; 0,6 tons.

Customer may choose furnaces equipped with microprocessor controlled automatic burners Weishaupt (Germany) or running on gas or liquid fuel burners by Elko (Germany); with ceramic crucibles by Polyteg (Germany) or crucibles by Mammut (Germany).

Basic equipment of our crucible furnaces:

  • furnace body with refractors and canopy
  • tongs to set up crucible into lined shell
  • operating panel
  • immersion thermocouple
  • burner
  • crucible
  • operating documentation
  • TR CU Certificate


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