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Ore thermal DC furnaces

Ore thermal DC furnaces designed for melting catalysts of petrochemical industry, used automobile converters, middlings formed during the affinage of precious metals.

The uniqueness of the furnace:

  • The material is heated by two arc electrodes in resistance mode. The main heating zone is the space between the electrodes, where melted burden comes. For uniform graphite electrodes consumption in this mode, the furnace has a function of automatically change the polarity of the electrodes during the melting process.
  • The material is heating in the arc mode or in a resistance mode, while two arched electrodes and one bottom electrode are operating. Heating goes throughout the all bath depth, by arc or remelted material resistance. In this mode, arc electrodes have the same polarity, bottom electrodes – the opposite. You may automatically change the polarity of the electrodes during melting process: arc electrodes become anodes, bottom – the cathode.


  • quick-changeable bath, which has several advantages:
    1. reduce furnace relining downtime;
    2. possibility to have ready-to-use baths for each of the materials;
  • watercooled bath slag zone, which increasing the working time without relining
  • melt draining through the tap hole (furnace tilts),or through the blasthole (furnace doesn’t tilt)

Control system

Ore thermal DC furnace is based on the high-speed controller Mitsubishi FX-5, resulting in such advantages:

  • monitoring and control of melting modes;
  • visualization and archiving of melting process;
  • monitoring the status of the rectifier and the remote control via communication channels;
  • the cooler temperature control at all furnace cooling zones;
  • notification of faults and troubleshooting.

The information displayed on the console:

  • furnace bath voltage and current;
  • electric power consumption
  • water temperature in the cooling system, caissons and other important assemblies;
  • melt surface temperature (from the optical pyrometer);
  • emergency situation (stopping water flow, etc.);
  • position of working electrodes
  • state of aspiration system (gas temperature, level of liquid, vacuum);
  • emergency and safety lock.

The information is stored on the hard disk in a format which is suitable for further processing using the common software packages.


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