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Stands for drying and high-temperature heating of ladles

There are some reasons why processes of drying and heating of ladles should be carried out on the specials stands:

  1. Before being brought to the furnace the ladle should be well warmed up. The problem is that the melt cools very fast in a ladle because of the lining thermal conductivity  and emission from the metal mirror. If for any reason the ladle wasn’t warmed up enough, the melt may cool down before reaching the place of casting.
  2. The most important step in the ladle producing is the drying of a new lining, because drying process noncompliance reduces the resistance of the lining or lead to its unfitness.

Usage of our stands:

  • drying under the predetermined process conditions;
  • heating the liner before melt acceptance (to reduce heat loss and minimize the consequences after thermal shock by the contact of the lining and molten alloy).


Operating panels of our stands can automatically keep the temperature conditions recommended by the manufacturers of linings while drying and heating the linings.

Advantages of using stands for the drying and heating of ladles:

  • reduce the lining materials expenses;
  • preparation to work with ladles take much less time;
  • reduce idleness connected with lining repair and replacement;
  • reduce energy consumption during the processes of drying and heating;
  • reduce conduction losses during metal casting.


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